APK Size and installed size

Hi all

My game initially installed with a size of around 28MB on my phone (This phone uses the XHDPI Resource bucket) and on a really old Samsung Galaxy Ace, installed with a size of around 6.8MB (This phone uses the MDPI Resource bucket).

I haven’t tested it on the Samsung in quite a while, but was suprised, when I recently did, to see that it is installing with a size of 24.95MB and the phone really struggles with it (I’ve even uninstalled everything else and factory reset the phone).

I installed another game from the Play Store onto both phones (not one of my apps) just to test, and that took up 16MB on my main phone and 1.4MB on the Samsung.

I can’t work out how this happens? I’ve no idea why my app now seems to be using the same amount of space on both phones. The graphics resources in MDPI only come to 1.5MB and my sound comes to about 208KB with a 5MB MP3). The source is about 1MB. I thought that when it installs, it only pulls out the resources required for that phone, but it seems like it’s pulling out all of the resources (XHDPI, HDPI, MDPI & LDPI)!!

The only thing I’ve done (within Eclipse, not my actual project), is update some support libraries including google-play-games-lib and android-support-v4.

Does anyone have any idea how I can begin to investigate why my app is taking up so much space on this low-resource phone all of a sudden?

Thanks all