Apjective - A Brand New Mobile Monetization SDK

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tony and I’m the Developer Evangelist here at Apjective. Our focus is on helping you, the app developer, generate more revenue from your apps.

We are a brand new overlay SDK that adds an additional revenue stream to your apps. By adding Apjective you could double the revenue that you’re seeing from mobile ads alone.

I know, that’s a pretty lofty claim, but don’t take our word for it. We recently deployed Apjective’s SDK into 2XL Racing, a 2XL Games production currently on the Google Play store.

Here are their results in just 15 days:

• With 2,000 DAU’s
• and a 35% engagement rate
• 6,913 completed profiles have been created
• Resulting in $691.30 in Revenue to 2XL from Apjective.

Apjective has worked so well for them that they’re integrating it into their other apps at this very moment.

So how does it work?

Rather than serve ads, Apjective presents users with questions about themselves. These aren’t surveys. They are dynamic question sets that are used to build an accurate, intimate profile of the user. Completed profiles become valuable sales leads that are then matched to providers of goods and services that the user has expressed an interest in. This results in highly targeted offers for your users right when they want them.

As you can see, the Apjective model is quite different from the standard mobile ad model; we have created something brand new to monetize mobile apps. To that end we also pay very differently, in fact we pay $.10 per completed profile. All this with a 100% fill rate and you can continue to use your current ad networks.

Want to see what Apjective could do for you? Try out our estimated revenue calculator.

Let’s assume your revenue from Apjective is $545 in Month 1. Because our technology works differently than the ad networks, we see a snowball effect take place over time, meaning people who didn’t interact with the technology in Month 1 will interact in Month 2, 3, 4 etc. So our number of profiles created continue to grow month over month, in fact in this scenario we estimate you could make as much as $600 in revenue in month 2 and $654 in revenue in month 3. Also, as new unique users come to your app we obviously capture their information as well, resulting in a compounding effect on the revenue that may be higher than what we have outlined above.

I know this is a different approach from what you are used to, but we are confident that app developers will realize the new opportunity that we represent and take advantage of the additional revenue we offer.

Additional revenue is only one advantage of Apjective. Ad targeting based on the intimate knowledge we have of your audience which results in much higher click through rates, analytics of your audience is yet another, and there are many more.

To finish this long post, I want to thank you for taking the time to consider adding Apjective as a new revenue stream from your apps.

Right now, the SDK is for Android apps only, and we are still in the process of building out our Developer Dashboard, so it’s a little “bare bones”. Also, the question sets are currently only offered to US users since this is the data our partners are currently looking for. Users in other parts of the world will be shown backfilled ads in place of the questions.

Please let me know if I can answer any questions. If you’re ready to give us a try, I will be happy to get you signed up and help you get the SDK integrated into your apps. You can also sign up in the Developers section of the Apjective website. After you sign up, we’ll look at each of your apps and work with you to tailor a strategy to make sure you’re getting the best results possible for each app.

PM or email me at [email protected]