Anyone using Tappx? - FREE cross-promotion advertising network

Tappx is a cross-promotion platform for apps. It works with a credit system. You earn credits displaying network ads and you spend credits promoting your apps in the member apps. Credit system is pretty fair, each click you get in your apps equals an extra click in your campaign ads (to be honest I think the rate is 1:0.85 clicks). You can also get extra credits uploading new apps or promoting the network in twitter, forums or blogs.

I’ve been using it for a week and I found it an effective and reliable way to promote your apps. Using it you’re sacrificing a few of your impressions (as many as you want actually) but you’re having a proportional free promotion.

If you are interested in using tappx in your apps please use the referral link below :):

Tappx - referral link

Anyone else is using this network? Let’s share experiences.