Anyone using Tapcontext banners?

Hi guys,

I’m testing different ad networks to find a good one for banner ads. Nowadays I’m sticky to Revmob with 0.45$ eCPM and 100k impressions.
I want to reach a little bit higher eCPM, anyone using Tapcontext? eCPM numbers in their site are pretty good.

Please share banner experiences with tapcontext or other network.


All the stuff in their site looks 8+ months old… and even back then it wasn’t that good. I remember they always served the same ad. I wouldn’t go that way

Thanks Ryan for your shares. I want to avoid admob, but revmob is giving me a low eCPM and Airpush a poor fillrate :frowning:

When I started to use Tapcontext they had really nice ecpm… But I was worried about the payment system. But on the end - I got all my revenue. So I think they can be good, but their support sucks. If you want - register with my referral from signature

my tapcontext dropped from $30 a day to like $2.00 a day now 3 days ago despite having top quality apps and good traffic, they were good up until 3 days ago, but now they suck balls and nut sacks.