Anyone using RevMob? Help please

Hi guys,
I use revmob for Fullscreen ads and i was averaging between 1.2-1.4$ Ecpm, i woke up today to a nightmare 0.29$ Ecpm, is it some bug in the dashboard? do you have the some problem? Thanks

I was going to make a new post with this problem. The two last days, i have the same ecpm like you, about 0.25, and always was between 1 - 1.30.
I don’t know what happen.

So i’am not the only one! thanks for feedback, i’m thinking of 3 reasons:
1 - Some mobile advertisers ended their ad campaigns.
2 - The post - Holidays effect
3 - A bug!!!
Let’s hpe it’s the 3rd one :frowning:

same here , very low eCPM since 2 days