Anyone Using Phunware ad network?

Their sdk is shit.
Can not integrate, when I succeded to integrate and update my app on google play, this time google play reject it.
No support, they answer mails randomly and after weeks.

Hello Google Play Developer,

We rejected Bug Crusher: Smash Ugly Bugs, with package name org.mgecrk.bugcrusher, for violating our Malicious Behavior or User Data policy. If you submitted an update, the previous version of your app is still available on Google Play.

This app uses software that contains security vulnerabilities for users or allows the collection of user data without proper disclosure.

Below is the list of issues and the corresponding APK versions that were detected in your recent submission. Please upgrade your app(s) as soon as possible and increment the version number of the upgraded APK.
Vulnerability APK Version(s) Past Due Date
SSL Error Handler

For more information on how to address WebView SSL Error Handler alerts, please see this Google Help Center article.
104 November 30, 2016

To confirm you’ve upgraded correctly, submit the updated version of your app to the Play Console and check back after five hours to make sure the warning is gone.

While these vulnerabilities may not affect every app that uses this software, it’s best to stay up to date on all security patches. Make sure to update any libraries in your app that have known security issues, even if you’re not sure the issues are relevant to your app.

Apps must also comply with the Developer Distribution Agreement and Developer Program Policies.

If you feel we have made this determination in error, please reach out to our developer support team.


The Google Play Team

Security alert

Your app is using an unsafe implementation of WebViewClient.onReceivedSslError handler. Please see this Google Help Center article for details, including the deadline for fixing the vulnerability.

Vulnerable classes:


Please fix the issue before: 11/30/2016

Affects APK version 104.

Not sure about your issues with google play, but if you want to be sure your integration is correct, Enhance supports Phunware.

Your support is for old version I think:
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