Anyone using ?

Does anyone use mobvista full screen ads or appwalls ? How is their eCPM?

I am using Mobvista. The ecpm is different from areas. But it is much better than other platform

Now Im using mobvista and Im seeing better eCPM from another networks so for now mobvista is the best network I`m using

if you posts some actual stats to back up your claim “better eCPM from other networks” will be really nice, thanks

Yes, I also think so. When I say it is better, someone here said I work for Mobvista and pretend to be a developer. That hurts me!

I am sorry if that “hurt” you. When a developer newly joins the forum and only posts about how great 1 specific, new ad network is the best it arouses suspicion.
Anyway I already explained to you.

If you don’t work for them and you aren’t lying about their high quality service, then why not post a little case study on your experience with them showing your stats etc.

I don’t work for them, then I don’t need to bother a lot explain. Next time we should all try to be more neutral with our opinion.

Please check my stats for mobvista

Woo, just84, high CTR! In what way can you do that? Is it about mobvista? Mine CTR is about 6% to 8%

I dont understand what the hoopla is about… You are not even making 1 cent per click… If you have this high CTR you should be working with some other network and making the most out of it… I am sure you will find lot of networks who can give you more than 1 cent per click even for tier 2-3 countries…

I`m using full screen ad and I think it depends in mobvista and in traffic locations

my traffic is tier 3 and Im comparing mobvista with most other networks with mobvista I make more money but with admob yes Im getting 1-1.5 cent per click but the CTR is lower than mobvista admob full page ads CTR is about 5%-7%

Thanks for your data sharing! :slight_smile:

You are welcome also I like to share a payment proof and for now I can say the best network that make my money is mobvista

ecpm rates look to be about same as revmob

but for me revmob eCPM rate is very low check my stats

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Hi, Which countries did your mobile traffic come from. Mine app promote in Vietnam, I am going to try some other ad network besides admob.

My traffic coming from middle east countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan, UAE , Algeria, morocco and others

I remember the times when i was getting 1$ for every install with revmob … btw from what I see this is sad!!