Anyone Using Green App Machine to build Android apps?

I have had some great success with some of these type apps in the past, and then the owners of GAM did not update the google sdk and made all my apps non compliant.

Is there anyway that I can recreate them in eclipse and somehow upload a version 2 ?

My goals is to replace the app but allow the previous downloaders the opportunity to download the new version. Is that possible?

Hi, I don’t know your tool. But as long as you have your keystore, and you know the passphrases, you can replace your existing App with any App you made. Just make sure the new App has the same package ID.

Well, I actually don’t know about the GreenAppMachine, so I though of running a quick Google Search but guess what I came across someone blog greenappmachinescam I was like “what it’s” So, my first impression over it is a bit bad I guess I’ll have to ran a check over it before proceeding !

Green App Machine is an online program created by Peng Li that shows you how to create money-making apps for smartphones in a very easy way. The whole world is going mobile, and Peng Li believes that we should take advantage of our tremendous opportunity, the app market. Green App Machine is very simple, and this fact even leads Peng Li to state “The beauty of this opportunity is…anyone can do it. Even your Grandma or your kid.” Peng Li is certain that you will like their product, and to prove their point they offer a 60 day 100% satisfaction guarantee. Green App Machine is designed so that you will have an app in just 12 minutes, and requires zero technical knowledge (you don’t have to be a computer programmer.) The Green App Machine program is truly for the average person.

The Green App Machine program features many things including:

The Green App Machine- The actual software for creating apps in very little time.
App Creation Tutorial- The video showing how to use the Green App Machine
Keyword Machine- A tool that helps you find the best Android app niches. Without this you are risking a lot of time, money, and effort into niches that may not turn out to be great.
Green App Premium theme- A WordPress theme that turns your wordpress blog into a “mobile promotion machine.”
Tier 1 Training- A large collection of 6 different pdf books that help you to structure your apps in a way that is more profitable
The 4 Hour Cash Machine- The ultimate “quick-start guide” to get your online app business functioning in the first 4 hrs

Another great feature about the Green App Machine program is the fact that there is no limit to the number of apps you can make…you will not get charged extra. In the Green App Machine course you are given the tools that you will need to start your app empire.

I think its based off of a version of Seattle Cloud. Since the program is hosted on a remote server, I see know way of getting access to the keystore and passphrase. :frowning: Unless I can find that info after decompiling.

IMHO, go native. Else u just make $10 a day

Anyone here using this program currently? Are you having issues customizing modules? Is there any REAL way to actually contact Peng Li? Is he even real? Ugh.

Peng Li you are a scumbag scammer dude. Your green app machine is BS, it doesn’t even work. It’s been broken for MONTHS. What a scumbag.