Anyone use Mobclix? I sure as hell won't!

We don’t hear too much about Mobclix on this forum but there might be good reason for that…Apparently they owe their developers $30M. I remember checking them out when I developed my first app. Thankfully I never integrated.

Velti owes Mobclix developers millions in overdue ad payments | VentureBeat

I guess we sometimes take payment for granted with our networks. Thanks for always paying me on time SendDroid and Airpush!

I heard about this, they pay net 90 on monthly earned revenue. It’s such a long time to distrain developers payment.

Dont use them. They have not paid me in 5 months. Still better than Admob though IMO.

How is it better than admob if they don’t pay you? Any ecpm is better than not paying and stealing your money.

Admob steals money when they close accounts. My Admob unpaid balance is greater than my Mobclix unpaid balance.

Mobclix has done a bigger disservice to mobile advertising and developers than we can possible fully understand… shameful.