Anyone tryied AppFlood with their new ppd model?

Hello guys,

Startapp is going to finish ppd model from august, so at least now company’s with ppd left airpush and new appflood with their splash sdk.
Someone tryied appflood? Or have any good or bad experience with this company? What is your average epcm ?

i tried working with appflood once but unfortunately that time didn’t get good results , but it seems to have improved by now . Now it offers revenue just for installs too .
1000 US installs -> 8$
1000 now US -> 1.4$ which is fine !

thats less compared to airpush
1 US install -> 0.02$
1 no US install -> 0.002$

Appflood has - with Splash Screen you will earn revenue from both PPD and eCPM.
eCPM varies from 4$ - 7$ daily

i Found Mobvistabetter getting 8$ - 10$ eCPM they have better 3D ads and full screen ads , if u want u can join MOBVISTA here my link .


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