Anyone Tried InMobi App Publish to multiple store?

I know this may be the wrong forum category, but i also want to spread the word.
As some of you may know, inmobi (via login to publisher, not adnetwork) takes u to a app publisher site that claims can put the apk you upload to 162 Android App stores.

I’ve tried it out, they sort the app stores your apk can be uploaded to basing on attributes of your apk like locales, monetization model etc.

The more app stores you select, the stricter the process to completion.

Has Anyone successfully completed the process?
To how many app stores?
What monetization model?
Have downloads increased?
Is it Worth it?

Tried but process isn’t perfect, you need to manualy approve 80% stores and prepare custom graphics for most. It’s not worth, android is:
-google play 90%
-samsung apps

Lets check that

Bump? I would be curious to know if anyone has tried and how many downloads has it generated?