Anyone tried Chartboost?


I’m trying out Chartboost cross-promotion / monetization on my Android games.

The fact is I can’t integrate their SDK yet. I sent them an email asking for help and waiing for answer right now. If you want, I can post logcat of the errors.

Their service looks very promising and professional. But I believe they just started on Android 2-3 months ago so I can’t find people talking much about them. Anyone has experience with them? Please share. =)

I am porting my game “Pop Corny” from iOS to Android these days and I am trying Chartboost. The integration was easy, but the fill rates seem bad. Actualy I haven’t managed to see any ad until now on my test devices. Maybe noone targets the country I live in. On iOS however Chartboost is simply awesome. Great fill rates, good advertised games, and nice revenue…

old chartboost dashboard link are gone? anyone still have the link to see the old dashboard?

old dashboard:

As for usage, I’d say they are a very good and safe network to use on GP.

Games only if I am not mistaken. Low fill rates, but payouts seem to be on par with what appbrain was a long time ago.

Overall a recommended network from me.

New dashboard does not show the same earnings as the old one. I hate the new one.

They used to only allow “games” - so apps which were entertainment but not necessarily a “game” would not be accepted by them for advertising.