Anyone received the Minimob payment in August 2014

Have you guys received payment from Minimob in August 2014 ?


No. They also dont respond on skype.

I think they send money after 10th of every month, according to their website.

It is the 18th and still no sign of the money.

Have you guys got your payment from Minimob ?

They replied me that they will send the payment by the end of the month ,
I do not know why though …

Good to hear that they will send at all… But not responding on skype when I ask about payment is unprofessional

Well that sounds good. Will wait till the end of this month than. They should have notified us like Airpush, speaking of which, I got my Airpush payment today.

Just had a chat with Dimitris of Minimob on skype, he says the delay was due to holidays.

Spoke to Dimitris on skype too, same response. Fingers crossed.

Anyone got the minimob Payment for July 2014 ?

Not yet, they told me that they will send two payments to 10.10.14

i have received on agust 29 117 usd from minimob

Beware that they sometimes steal a little from your payment. And, many dev have their gp acct banned due to their problematic ads

I got my payment 2 days ago

Me too. They are good network and always pay, but they have sometimes problem with informating their devs about delays etc;)

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