Anyone interested in working together on iRevise (my opensource App)

Hi guys… first of all i’m new to android dev and this forum. so excuse me for any mistake… The reason im posting here is i had an idea for an app i always felt need about and couldnt find on play store. I call it irevise.
Its a simple notes making app for students(yes there are many) but with a change. A homescreen widget with additional features to make it easy and convenient to revise/memorise the study material. am studying myself and so had started this project… have got it into a decent app as of now for my use but there are many additional features to be added, and due to lack of time/expertise/funds i may never complete them all… so came up with the idea of opensource. Ive released it under Apache license 2.0 on sourceforge.
Invite you all to come and develop together to make this into a cool app :slight_smile:
Am providing brief info below for anyone intrested…

Well we all sweat trying to learn those nasty chemical formulae, or the weird biological names or maybe some antonyms and synonyms.Whatever it is anything which can make us learn our books better is just a boon. And when it happens automatically, its just amazing. This little appdoes exactly that. Now quickly make your own small notes for things you feel are difficult to learn.Save in the tiny I revise app,and add the widget. And it makes the notes available on your home screen so they cross your eyes every time you unlock your phone. And they get changed automatically so you get them all… Simple huh? Yes but very effective!! And with so many exciting features lined up it could end up as a really awesum tool… So why waiting, lets code it !!


Quick Revision Tool For students
Supports android 2.3+
Homescreen Widget (Auto Updating)
Backup/Restore Notes (to be added )
Share Notes (to be added)
Study Circle (to Be added)
Inviting everyone to work on the features mentioned and any extras which may be useful… Also haven’t been able to publish on play store as my old account was suspended by google(dunno why) and i dont have an additional card… so apk also available there only…