Anyone heard of

Hi All,

Has anyone had experience with the app discovery service I usually delete spam from sites that send emails asking for money to help generate traffic but for the first time ever this mob actually downloaded and played may game!

I’m not only flattered but tempted to start a conversation with this guy but wanted to check to see if anyone has had experience with them before I do (see email below). Thanks!

[i][b]First of all, I’d like to congratulate you for your amazing work on Monster Smash. It’s a great game! I love the concept : You are a giant monster and you basically have to destroy everything that is on your way while avoiding getting trapped by the rocks or the pipes. The controls are really easy to understand and it’s hard to not push the “play” button again and again when you loose. Graphics are also beautiful and the animations are fluid, that makes the game pleasant to play. great job !

I contact you because I think it’s a shame that the game isn’t more popular on Google Play.
We would like to help you with that because we really think Monster Smash deserves more exposure.

I would like to propose you to feature Monster Smash on Giftiz, which features the best games on Google Play:

Normally our partners pay us for the traffic we send them but it happens from time to time that we feature a game that we love for free under certain conditions.
That could be the case for Monster Smash and you should get thousands of installs for free.

Would you be available to discuss this ?


Hugo Pasco
Account manager
Giftiz | Discover Android Games | Do missions | Win real Gifts[/b][/i]

I do have experience with them and i can say that they are real, but that the feature wont really help you much, it will give you 1000 - 2000 incentivized installs. In exchange of that they will ask you to implement their SDK in your game, put a Giftiz icon on your Main Screen and setup the reward logic. (Incentivized players need to complete a small 2-5 minutes task in order to get their reward). Besides that i think they will also ask you to implement Adbuddiz (same company) as your interstitial ad network.

Hope that helps, regards!

Hey, Yes I have heard about the and I have used them. I have integrated their SDK very easily to my app, showed their icon int he menu and created simple task. In exchange I got 1 week promotion time in their platform and got about 3000-4000 downloads. So, I think they are quite legit.