Anyone facing drop in your play store downloads ?

Recently I saw that my downloads went from 2000/daily to 600/daily. And also google is deleting legit reviews.
Anyone else facing this problem ?

I haven’t noticed any drop in downloads, but I have experienced that they 1 time deleted a valid review.

Downloads are same but they did delete some legit reviews.

yes for me downloads also dropped massivly … i had 26000 downloads on sunday and on monday only 6000 - thats crazy and i dont know why … no reviews were deleted

I had mailed google play about this and got a response that the reviews are considered on last 30 days so the keywords in old reviews are being dropped. Hence drop in suggestions and drop in downloads

How to fix google play store error -

  1. Clear cache of play store

  2. Connect with wifi

  3. Delete and re-add 2g/3g access point

  4. Change wifi network

  5. Use cache fixer app (if your device is rooted)

  6. Use computer to download and install the app

  7. Clear cache partition and dalvik cache

  8. Uninstall and re-install google play store.

Hi, guys!
According to the situation what you have said, you have faced a problem that your app downloads have fallen substantially and the legit reviews of your app be deleted by google. To solve this problem, you have to promote your app with effective methods before more problems occur. [b]App store optimization/b is a better way to try, I will introduce the methods of ASO at below:

ASO is the abbreviation of app store optimization, which is a process of optimizing your app to make it more visible and discoverable in app stores so that users are more likely to choose it from millions of other apps.

why is the ASO important?
In fact, searching in app store is the main traffic sources, 73% app installs is from searching app in app store. With the other channels of installing app become increasingly weak, app store optimization plays an important part.

the ways of ASO:
(1) icon and title: you must design an appealing and attractive icon and title of your app, and you can add the keywords to title, which can improve the search ranking of your keywords and make your app looks more professional.

(2) description: the description mainly introduces your app, including the function, the goal and the websites, etc. You can also add the keywords in your description.

(3) screenshots: a good app must have the high quality screenshots, which asks you to create appealing and compelling screenshots. Also, you can add some screenshots of reviews and contest about your app, which shows the real information and experience from the users of your app.

(5) ratings and reviews: 4/5 stars ratings and positive reviews are the important references to users. To increase the installs of your app, you can incentivize users to leave feedback. Of course, if you have enough budget, you can buy some ratings and reviews from a reliable app reviews service provider.

(6) do keywords research:keywords serve as the decisive part of app store optimization. With the limit of characters, finding the appropriate keywords of your app is very important. In this part, you can analyze the keywords of your competitors, creating the relevant, competitive and localized keywords to improve the search ranking of keywords. Indeed, buying keywords search installs is also a good way to help you optimize your keywords if you have enough budget.

Wish these methods will be useful! good luck!