Anyone Experiences with Advocarrot?

Is there anyone can share his/her experiences with Advocarrot from first time join till now?
I am planning to try Advocarrot, after i got my admob account banned without reason 2 months ago. and i also have tried Startapp which is only good on first month and the ecpm and fillrate dropped significantly.
Anyone, please share your experiences…

I have been using Avocarrot for about 3 months now.
Their customer service is good and their technical support is even better.
They had some problems last month with their server for a couple of days but it seems to be fixed lately.

They are for sure very good if you plan to use Native Ads in some kind of stream (listview, gridview, etc) and I would suggest you to try them (and use the link in my sign as referral^^), the integration is very easy too.
On the other hand, their interstitial Ads are not as good as the integration isn’t very polished in my opinion. So if you want to try them just for Interstitial Ads then maybe is not worth it (but again the eCPM was still better than some other networks in the short period I tried them)

Hi tacchan23, thanks for your kind reply.
Glad to hear that the problems had been fixed by them.
May i know your experience with their payment? Do they pay on time till now?
How is their ecpm and fillrate you get for your apps?
How is their reporting dashboard? is it real time now?
My apps are games mostly :slight_smile: and CPI does not work for me. So, CPM and CPC work best.

Where’s everyone?:confused:


Reviews needed! And do you think going native (with any network) had any substantial positive impact on your earnings?

I don’t think there’s much impact on earning for going native. that’s my personal opinion. maybe someone can clarify.

Payment is at the end of each month and so far has been always on time.
Fill Rates and eCPM in my opinion wary too much not only among different kinds of App but also depending on how real number of impressions the Ads Network decides to show you… for me Avocarrot is not bad but you need to try to really figure it out your case.
Dashboard reporting seems to be real time.

Going Native helped in my case to increase revenue for sure, because I had a list/gridview anyway and now it shows Ads in between items while before there was no income there. Everything else (interstitial, banners, etc I kept the same so of course it increased my earnings)

It’s a good network the payments are on time and the support is the best. Only problem is fill rate so you have to use another ad network as a backfill.

@tacchan23 & @taimur97
Thanks for sharing your experiences.
But could you be more specific about the ecpm and fillrate you guys are getting?
in numbers if possible, please?
thanks :slight_smile:

Hey Goody - if you want, send me your top country and daily ad impressions for the specific native ad integration you want to make and I can give you a rough estimate on what kind of fill rate you should expect for that. We had experienced a small drop in fill-rate in the last month but this has not been for every region.

TOP country: USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil. Daily ad impressions 600k.

@Goody for last month on average across all native ad units we experienced $1.2 eCPM and 65% fill rate for US and $0.9 eCPM and 35% fill rate for Spain, Italy , Germany. European countries were the ones that have been most affected by last month’s fill rate drop.

As you know every app has some unique characteristics that can increase or lower eCPM rates so I’d suggest to send a small portion of your traffic (a few hundred thousand impressions over a period of a couple of weeks) so that we can get a more accurate picture for your estimates.

Other devs here in MMWA can also share their numbers for their own apps so you can get a better idea as well.

Shitty 0.26 eCPM for me. I will remove it soon.

0.26 eCPM using Interstitials or some Native list/feed?

Testing avocarrot for 3 weeks and till now I get 0.91 eCPM for interstitial and 55% fill in USA.

Interstitial. Most of my traffic comes from USA and Tier 2 countries :mad:

Why do you not use apo deal ? i am getting between 2 and 3 dollar ecpm since 6 months with them !
(for usa i get about 10 dollar ecpm)

avocarrot doesn’t offer banner ads. right?

They don’t.

-bad dashboard (loding too long and sometimes shows not correct data)
-new SDK doesnt work for me (since recyclerview should be integrated), so i have to use old sdk
-low fillrate

+payments on time
+high ecPM