Anyone else seeing this Huge Increase in MobileCore recently?

Hey guys, anyone seeing MobileCore results increasing in the past 4 days. Actually revenue double up for approximately the same amount of traffic. On contacting them I was informed that they changed their ad-server’s business logic on Thursday, allocating more traffic for the best converting interstitial ad, basically doubling my eCPM since then. mobileCore currently outperforms Admob, at least for me. Anyone else seeing this? See screenshot of my revenue attachedhere


Not for me, it’s even got with ~10% less in earnings since March started)) Anyways, the average eCPM still at $1.3

I had my revenue double on Thursday (which coincides with the statement you got from MobileCore) but it has dropped sharply since then. As far as this ad network goes, it seems to have some of the most unstable eCPMs that vary wildly from user to user, as they often have temporary campaigns for specific parts of the world.

I also experience the increase in eCPM :). Anyway, what type of app and how many app you have? You seem to be making a nice income :slight_smile:

Mainly casual games and photo editing apps. Around 10 apps.