Anyone Bought CPI-ads through ad-networks like Startapp/Chartboost/Revmob etc....???

I have a question to all you guys! All you have some publishing campaign in your games, maybe it can be admob/startapp/chartboost etc…But did anybody create an advertising campaign in those ad networks with (CPI) model? I suppose it shoud work, coz you directly buy users, and if you have a good app, and monetizetion works well, why not? You should have a profit…

P.S.: in my plans, spend approximetly 100$ on Chartboost CPI advertising campaign, only for Italy region (not so hard market and competition) and with minimal bid 0.5$/install. I am interesting in what CTR i will get in purchase (100$ = 200 installs = ?inn-app purchase)

Good question, I am also interested in this as well.

Seems like, nobody did it as well)

Could you explain what’s the point of giving higher bid? If you pay per install why is it worth it to give higher bid?

It’s very simple! You have competition with other advertisers. If you put very low bid, ad-network will devliver to you very low amount of installs, because your competitors will put high bid and their ads will shows more often then yours one.

But I pay per install right? This is why its called PPI/CPI. Is it 100% sure that after spending i.e. 1000$ with 0.2$ bid I will get 5000 installs eventualy?

Yeap you will! All issue is about How long you will getting it…It may take one year, if you put only 0.01$ bid/install ) And 1 day if you put 1$/install…Because all of us need instantly installs, and no one wanna wait so long…Thats about competition of bidding…

Thanks for that answer, this is what I thought and I just needed confirmation:) So the best strategy is not to set any daily limit if you also set low bid?

Of course dont set any daily limit…:wink: