Anybody try ?

this company says that its fillrate is >90% and its averaging 5$ ~ecpm

Anybody try ?

Yes i tried in j2me and android apps
This is an Indian Company and revenues are good, if u have large amount of downloads from India, its the best network cause almost all ad networks serve ads through this network(active or passive) in India . They are not very famous and yes their dashboard terminology is slightly different and to get familiar with dashboard you will have to give some time cause they give statastics in too much detail.

Pros n Cons

  1. You can implement ads on ur apk in just one click… no need to use coding method… They called this Appwrapper.

  2. eCPM is abt $10 for full Screen Ads(like exit ads in startapp)

  3. Terminology is quite confusing because For like eCPM or CPM or Fill Rate etc etc they use different formulas for calculating these things…we can not compare these things with other networks and have to calculate ourself by using raw data.

  4. You can change Column names like ICPM to eCPM if you are familiar with other networks and dont want to learn vserv’s terminology.

  5. Alternatively you can just ignore stats and pay attetion on revenues.

  6. You will get confused in terminology and UI of dashboard for while…it takes time to get familiar with these things.

  7. Less explained Help Pdf but support is good.

  8. Indian Government is famous for red-tapism , and requires invoices… so you will need you create an invoice for your revenues every month according to Indian format of invoice and have to send it to veserv. Although vserv staff will help you doing that and its a one time trouble. I am an Indian so i dont see it as trouble cause we are used to it.

  9. Fill rate > 90% in Indian and betweern 60-90% in rest of world.

You will need to take help form support for first time and support is good…even they will wrap ads for you and will send u your apk … They even offered me to publish my apps by their staff on different app stores… This means they will create our account on different app stores and publish our apps on our behalf without taking any revenue share…it just like hiring employee without giving salary.

Conclusion : Revenues are great but you will have to give time in understanding the way vserv works and sometimes you will even get frustrated(if you are not an Indian)…but once you understand everything it will be good for long run and will earn you better revenues.

I strongly disagree with Rajan. I think Rajan is somehow related to because I use them since half a year and the fill rate and the eCPM is way lower than what he and says.

These are my stats for August 2013:
Requests: 374,978
Ads: 38,636
Fill rate: 10,30%
Impressions: 27,559
Clicks: 1,888
CTR: 6.85%
Income ($): 21.544

And the months before it was not better. I have to say thou that most of my users come from Europe and Latin America, so it might be different for India (only India).
Because of the very low Fill Rate I was talking to them for about 3-4 months every week and they all the time told me to wait and that it should become better.
After these months without any change they finally they set up mediation.
But since the day they set mediation up the ‘Requests’ dropped by 70-80%. So I think they don’t even count them correct and I’m still getting very very low income.

So really stay away from, they are unprofessional and are far away from their promised ecpm/fill rate.
If you want more info please tell me, I can also provide screenshots from their panel that proofs this very low fill rate/ecpm.

he said clearly that this ad network works well in India and his statics are based there (I guess)

i am not related to vserv anyhow.
and my stats and comments are only for INDIA
In India gives “value added services” ads from mobile operator and provides carrier/operator billing that leads to the huge ecpm about $10 because whenever user subscribes for a services he/she will be charged about $2/month in his mobile bill for that particular “value added service” and you will get share from that amount too.

Hey Bradolh and Rajan,

see what Rajan wrote:

… and this is simply NOT true! This is why I thought Rajan was related to them. Anyways, I’m sorry if you are not.
I never got more than 20% fill rate from vserv. Usually it was like 12% or something. I can proove this with screenshots if you want. I get really low income from them. If you have the choice I suggest don’t go to

Absolutely horrible ad network. Don’t even bother with them

horrible for me too. poor in everything. If you really want to try them, try through admob mediation not directly so that you can disable them quickly.

please see the attached file … i m sorry if vserv does not work for you guys… i just shared my experiences and i agree there are many other networks for android those are way better than vserv.

Somehow I cannot download the picture that you attached. Seems something is broken. Here are my stats for the last 4 months.
As you can see, for 938,240 requests for an interstatial ad they served 169,704 ads (18.09% fill rate) and promise a revenue of 87.18$. (I think they paid me around 40$ so far)
This really is a bad joke I think. And it is far away from 90% fill rate and 5$ eCPM.
I think it should not be allowed to make such false promises. And since May they tell me that it’ll get better ‘at the end of the month’ haha

I recommend anyone to avoid