Anybody experience with ?

Does anybody have experience with ?

They should be similar to appodeal but without admob…

How are the fill rates ?
How is the average eCPM ?

How do payments work ?

Are they legit ?

I use since January.
adtoapp can work without admob.
fill rates in dashboard 100% - but it is questionable
eCPM different for different countries and different types of ads (banner, fullscreen, video etc)
payments work! for WIRE minimum threshold 500$, send in second week of month (8-14, usually 12)
my English is bad, but you can ask any questions

banner for USA
in Admob: 40-50K shows, eCPM scatter 0.6-0.1, revenue 30-50$
after move to Adtoapp: 160-180K shows (!!!) eCPM smooth 0.4, revenue 60-70$


Thanks for info!
On webstie there is also “admob” listed … so how can it work without admob ? Is it possible to deactivate admob ?
Also if using admob … where do you get your admob earnings then ? from adtoapp or admob ?

need to write to support and give them IDs (or can not give)
adtoapp only requests admob banners, does not need full access well as for appodeal.
revenue you see in admob, adtoapp does not display statistics for admoba on dashboard.
in any case, rest of network will operate autonomously in adtoapp

How much impressions do you have per day ? And what is your average ecpm per day with adtoapp ?
Do you use it with admob or without ?

Now admob uses adtoapp, but has a 5%. Earlier admob through adtoapp was off. Earlier I wrote how it works

I wrote above about ECPM, it is not possible to compare.