any idea about adbuddiz

any idea about adbuddiz

has anybody used it.

what is your experience.

I got nice ecpm with them, i like their ad format, i recommend them.

Hi gerer777,

I work at AdBuddiz :o

I’ll let other developers chip in here, but if you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate!

You can also PM me or email: [email protected]

Hi I was approach a while ago but hesitated.
Now I feel I would like to try you all out.
I would like to know is your ad network advertiser campaign targeting world-wide or geared towards certain geographic region.
Do they include Asia and Southeast Asia regions?

Hi sgh,

Thanks for reconsidering us :slight_smile:

Our campaigns are region specific. We have campaigns worldwide, including Asia and Southeast Asia, targeted to local users (meaning they are usually in the local language, etc.).

Hope that answers your question!


But it seems nowadays ad network require your app to be live in Google Play before accepting you.
I believe this is security measure to filter away fraud and malicious app using GP as reference.
But GP in the process has also unintentionally remove some honest apps due to their blanket automatic detection.
I think we hear enough of honest app developers app just got pulled. Any follow up appeal is met with an automatic reply.
This group of apps are deemed collateral damage in the mass cleanup conducted every now and then.
So wondering if ad network could relax this requirement on case by case basis perhaps.

We accept that our publishers add apps on AdBuddiz before they are on Google Play. We do evaluate every situation on a case-by-case basis, but as a basic rule, as long as you don’t cheat, you’ll always be paid :wink: