Any Good House Promotion & Mediation Solutions out there ?

So we all know that promoting house ads is a pretty effective way to market one’s app and climbing up rankings. Are there any good & FREE house-ad server-based solutions out there…whereby I just put in the appstore link of my app and automatically an interstitial gets created and I allocate a percentage to how I want to display my house ads…all this without having to release a new version of my app to the playstore

  • Mobilecore has a restriction of about 25% of house ads. What if you want to promote 100% house ads …no strings attached?

Are there good FREE mediation solutions out there whereby one can allot different % of traffic to different networks…for example I want 30%/30%/40% of my traffic to go to startapp/mobilecore/appnext…or something similar…In other words if see that startapp’s ecpm is down I want to just re-allocate my traffic to mobile core or something else without having to release a new app version to the app-store.

  • I think Mopub has something similar but goodluck implementing Mopub…it’s a nightmare…I want a solution that has a very simple web interface for controlling how I allocate my traffic to the different networks…and simple as ‘abc’ to implement.
  • if i can find a solution like this it could also be an independent way of double-checking the impression/request counts I get from the networks…i.e if startapp says I have 1million request…but this solution says I made 1.25million requests to startapp then we have a problem…Right now developers don’t have an independent ‘out of the box’ solution for verifying the ‘stats’ we get from all these networks…and they keep screwing developers