any good ad network for interstal 2016

hello guys

any good ad network CPM ?


you can try Appodeal.

When it comes to ad network I thing there are about 2 major things one must consider.
Firstly is the payment methods/duration, and secondly the network ads reach. This is because not every of your app users will be from USA,UK OR CANADA. So you want a network with the largest advertisers reach you can find. That’s where we at Alphagravel comes in.

For further enquiries you can reach me via PM.

Right now I’m sticking with admob for all my ads, high fill rate 95% - 100%, great control tools, good analytics the only downside for me is low ecpm.

I tried StartApp for two days but they have poor tools and dashboard
you need to contact support for every breath you take :slight_smile:
You can’t block or filter ads yourself like AdMob, you need to contact them, they have a good support though.
and they pay per installs not per clicks and I don’t like this.
they have amazing I caching interstitial ads unlike AdMob.

I’m going to try Alphagravel and see how it is doing.
Hope this helped you.

There is problem with ur website when I want recovery my password its show error page .

I tried startapp its really suck , I can’t use admob my app not in Google play , thanks

Hello, we are glad to know you have interest in our service.
About the password recovery issue, I have sent you a PM, kindly check it out. My Skype username is (nanswerblog) you or anybody else can always add me up so we can discuss thing better.


Hello Mohammed, we are happy that you have shown interest in our service, I would personally love to answer any of your pressing question 24/7. You can always reach me via PM or Skype (Nanswerblog).
Will be expecting.
Have a very nice and productive day.


Appnext interstitial is doing the eCPM in the market today. Try us. We monetize apps of all kinds, also those who are out of Google Play.

yea but u pay per install

That doesn’t change the picture. In the end, you need to measure my performance on a RPM or eCPM. If I generate enough revenue for you, more than the others, and if the integration is easy and there is good support - you should use Appnext.