Any apps banned using only startapp?

Starting to get a bit worried about the recent bans. All my apps use only startapp (including the post call manager).

Has anyone had apps or accounts banned that use only startapp? If yes, what was the reason for the ban? Was it definitely because of startapp or could it have to do with another aspect of your app?

The only thing giving me hope is that the post call manager is extremely minimal with no specific ads, only a tiny button labeled “free apps”.

I have used it standalone in some apps but only for app wall and banner , so i cant really tell you about call manager, that said, i havent seen anyone complain about it…

Luckily I didn’t use pingjam. But i have also used Post Call Manager of startapp, And get a bit worried.

I also use startapp but In App ads only, didn’t try post call manager coz no matter how much all these networks say that they are fully compliant, it all depends on google. Better play safe can’t afford to lose user base or google play account for a few bucks.

That’s a good point but startapp seems to be a pretty big company (at least for an ad company) and I wonder if they have some inside contact or assurance from google that their system is ok. I’m sure almost all ad companies try to be in contact with google and the bigger they are the more contact they would have. They spent a long time developing the new sdk to be compliant and it would be totally insane to risk throwing the entire company away for such a small piece of revenue. I’m sure nobody is going to use mobario or pingjam after this.

Or maybe I’m just trying to reassure myself when I should really be getting rid of post call manager right now…

I am using the in app ads only. At this point, don’t see the point of taking higher risk for few bucks.
Post manager and search box seems to be out of app ads and any slight manipulation around Google policy seems to get someone banned.
Until the dust settles, I am sticking with in app banner and interstitial (even avoid exit ads as much as possible)

Here has one, only use startApp Exit Ads and get banned.

The main problem maybe “Interstitial ads may only be displayed inside of the app they came with.”

Also maybe the wrong using of startApp Exit Ads ? No cache the ads and show immediately ?