Any Android Developers looking for work?

Hey, this may not be the place to post it. Mods please move this thread if necessary.
But I’m looking for an Android app developer to create a Dating Android App for my Dating network.
Please PM :smiley:

$150.00 per hour. PM

LMAO! made my day :smiley:

Maybe fries with that too :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh… I’d charge more than that… but I am worth it :slight_smile: (or so I tell my wife)

Your wife pays you mind ? :rolleyes:

Every husband should disclose less amount to wives. You never know when shopping bug crops up with ladies. mind, you are hovering danger line man :smiley:

BTW, do we have anyone here whose wife is also an android developer?

Nooo… I just tell my wife I am worth a lot. That does not mean I earn it!

Also: She needs to earn her own money! :slight_smile:

$ 15 per hour for quality native app development. skype rws-saikat

I sent you a PM. I’ve created a dating application recently. You may also want to check out Post a project and get bids from lots of developers.

PM’ed you our android app portfolio. Please check it. Thanks.