Any Admob alternatives?

We are experiencing now very low fill rates and CPMs with Admob for rewarded video. Can you please suggest some worthy alternatives to Admob?


We had the same trouble

Here are 3 alternatives that worked best for us ( we’re utility app - dau 100 000, usa, vietnam)

  1. Epom Apps -they had a great case study with sim simi app, and they offer ad mediation platform that combines all premium ad networks in one place. they have direct advertisers and their own traffic + monrtization experts that help with ad placements and optimization. They also offer data monetization, we’re just testing it so couldn’t ay more so far. But according to the revenue calculatorthey provide on the website, we’re expectd to get +3000 additional revenue.

  2. Mopub offers a variety of handy features that are presented in an organized way. however, there is a lack of adequate support there. A customer should be able to feel that their needs can be fullfilled within 1 day, but i was waiting for 6 days until anyone came back to my issue

Wow, I actually was asking in another thread about data monetization. good to know that someone is trying that. Everything is ok so far? No banns from google?