Antivirus problem

And I have only admob and startapp


which antivirus?

Bad news: they have specifically blacklisted your app.

I don’t know. I asked them, but still no answer.

StartApp is likely to be the culprit in this case. They used to get identified as malware with the PPD solution they used to offer.
Times have changed and all those PPD solutions aren’t a thing any more, so most anti-virus apps have removed those stupid notices.

HOWEVER, some anti-virus apps still give these false-positive notices as they haven’t bothered updating their databases etc. This is most likely what you are seeing here.

How many reviews are like this? If it is just a few out of every 100 then you haven’t got anything to worry about. I still get that many and it doesn’t affect anything for me.

@A1ka1inE, it is just a couple, ok, I will just ignore. I asked them what antivirus they are using, if I get an answer, I will notify startapp.