[Antil] [Decompiler] Protect your android app from all decompiler tool

There are a lot of free decompiler tools on the world, you can easy find them by Google search . So, Google has to recommended: “At a minimum, we recommend that you run an obfuscation tool like Proguard on your code.” . Proguard is good choice, but decompiler tools still decompile your apk although It’s harder to read and copy than usual.

‘Antil decomplier (android)’ App uses a new approach for protection, it protects your android app at source code level, it tries to make the decompiler tools get error . Beside of obfuscation , ‘Antil decomplier (android)’ adds a lot of fake code to trick the decompiler tools.
*** ‘Antil decomplier (android)’ on google play:

*** Main function of ‘Antil decomplier (Android)’ App:

  • Obfuscate class names, function names, filed names, files name in your source code(Proguard doesn’t support to change file names) to make them harder to read.
  • Add fake code to your source code. The decompiler tools will get a lot of errors when trying to reverse your original code from the exported apk files.
    [INDENT]Note: Fake code doesn’t effect to performance of your app.
  • Hide all const values (string, character)
  • Change your package name (to split the original project and the project will export to the users)
    *** You can experience the effectiveness of ‘Antil Decompiler (Android)’ by trying to decompile 2 other applications of BlueSea Team:
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