Anti-Virus software's now saying Airpush ADs have virus and Ad-ware!!

Just made apk using free service from AdstoApk and now antivirus softwares label airpush as virus. Even using file hosting like sourceforge and apkfiles it scans and warns users there could be viruses. This is only with airpush banner ADs, not even the 3rd party SDK.

Airpush always has this problem with their SDK…

In thier 3rd party SDK but now its just banner ADs. And now file hosting services flag apps that have airpush as potiental virus and that didnt happen before.

Had same problem even with mere standard banners.

It was an old news. I knew it since 2 years ago.

Bro you’re using ads2apk …lmao …that service illegally plants your ads over top of other peoples ads and apps…So no shit it was flagged as a virus - infact airpush doesn’t even work with ads2apk because AP sent them a C&D 1.5 years ago. So if their still using airpush well i’d run far because AP will probably sue the guy into the stone age soon enough

To everyone else, it’s your apps not airpush, i’ve been using airpush since 2012 and NEVER have i ever ever ever been flagged as a virus in any app store with their SDK …it only happens if i try and upload some scummy spam app which i don’t do anymore because it’s a waste of time.

Btw eCPM is amazing with airpush this year, idk why everyone has issues …maybe stop uploading crap?

In 2012 airpush still having push notification ads, it is definitely flagged as virus that time. It is your antivirus problem. Also, spam app and virus got no relation.

Ecpm is average for airpush, but airpush always having crap ads that Google dislike, so I already dropped it.

Lastly, mind your language, anyone who had issue with airpush doesn’t always upload crap app. It is just airpush problem.

I have same problem
i upload my apps to some store but it shows warning, And i cannot publish. @Airpush Kristy Please help us with this problem