another ratings change by google?

Hi, I noticed a massive increase of ratings count for few my apps today? Anyone sees something similar? Any idea of another change Google did in Play that can be the source of that increase?

PS. I got close to “monthly ammount of ratings” overnight in one app, others also see an increase of ratings but not that significant. The rating average is similar to what I had previously.

Same here not sure why

Yeap, I also noticed a massive increase in ratings from nowhere

Same here, really masive increase.

Oh yeah, usually get 2 to 5 1 star ratings a day. Yesterday I got 20. But my 5 stars increased drastically as well. Very odd. I’m waiting on dash to update to see if there was a boost in traffic.

Everyone is complaining about the same. There was a post on reddit with loads of people experiencing the same. I myself got a huge increase in rating and a lot of one stars as well


Me too, but I can´t complain.

I got about 9-15 ratings a day, now it´s already 172!!! and the day just started.

The best thing is that it´s way more positive than negative, which increased my total rating by 0.019.

But I don´t understand what is going on. Didn´t notice any changes in market except of the option to rate one random app on the start page

The problem that for most people the impact of 1 star rating is much worse than 5 stars. I have a paid app that worked hard to keep rating above 4.5 stars and all of the sudden it dropped to 4.3 because of that massive increase. It is not like Google is randomly putting reviews in, could it be?

same here , lots of ratings but so what - if its a free app it really doesn’t matter , sucks for paid thou. i think some google bot was celebrating New year really hard and forgot to post those on time;)

Ok something changed! All ratings are back to normal and the excessive ratings removed hhhmm

I just noticed the same thing, one of my apps just dropped from 300 ratings to 274. There was a bug in the market yesterday where all the apps in the top new free list were showing up twice but it’s fixed now so maybe our ratings were showing up twice too?

It looks like they’ve fixed it now. Around 40 ratings have disappeared from my app

Your right, I’m back to normal. That’s weird. From 400 reviews back to 197

How sad :frowning:

Same thing here, except it happened twice in a row. I got about 25 ratings in quick succession on Thursday/Friday which were then removed, followed by about 45 ratings on Friday/Saturday which were again removed. Now things are back to normal, or back to the new normal since the December change.

I guess Google made some sort of experiment.

Google reminds me of a company I used to work for. It didn’t have any testing ground or beta version of their huge service (largest image hosting company / social photo site in my country) and we just had to work on a live database. The database had tables that you couldn’t touch because they were too large and each change to them would cause the database - and the whole page - to go offline for serveral minutes. The code of the page had a beta version - but since it was working on a live database it didn’t help much. And we did changes on the fly, without any testing (there was no tester in that company, haha), so sometimes the site would do very strange things to users but our boss would just say “it has to be that way”, there is no other way. :slight_smile: We also wrote scripts that deleted things from the database without any testing (because there was no testing database) and when we got it wrong, admins would have to restore from a backup (but it never happened, we were very careful).

Also when I started working there I discovered huge security holes that allowed anyone to change photos of others when they knew a little of JavaScript and Ajax (the scripts for removing photos from albums for example weren’t checking if the user id matches the owner).

Also we kept passwords in plain text because our boss said “it has to be that way”. :slight_smile:

I felt like I read all of that for nothing but it had to be that way! Lol

Loooool same here. I didn’t know by I wanted to finish reading it although it has nothing you do with above lol

Same happened to me - Got around 40-50 - both good and bad - and when I checked them back on they were gone.