Animated Gif to Live Wallpaper Maker (Coming Soon )

Imagine being able to make apps easily with no coding needed, you can even make apps right on your phone or tablet. Hell were even going to make an app as well. An app that makes apps now how cool is that.

We will soon be launching starting with revmob, airpush, and admob. Others like Startapp will be added in the future.

After the free beta period people will have to buy credits starting at 10 credits for $9.99 USD, You can make a live wallpaper and inject airpush, revmob or admob, select 2 or even select all 3. Will only cost $1.00 or 1 credit to make one. Prices might go up as we gain popularity. We will also be selling other services as well. We also plan on adding a system to earn credits by completing offers from various advertisers for people who don’t want to pay. Once Startapp gets added in we will be charging 2 credits to use them since they are by far the best adnetwork. We will also sell other services like making nice graphics and icons for your listings, or even write up professional descriptions for your apps, We will even do app submission to top 5 platforms for an extra fee, or you can download your apk file and do everything on your own the choice is yours.

Imagine being able to make 15+ apps in about an hour. So start saving up your animated gifs, 320x480 to 480x800 animated gifs will work best, refrain from using anything less than 240 pixels wide as it will be very pixelated.

If you are interested in beta then send me a private message with your name and email and we will send out invites once we launch.

How you want to show ads from admob in live wallpaper?

Dude you seem to focus a lot on ads and revenue. First build a great app maker that will attract a mass of users, then think about monetization.

Seems great idea

Nice idea but 480x800 is to low resolution I think …

its already great, its just basic animated gif to live wallpaper conversion, no bugs it just works.

ads are optional you can leave those uncheck and do a paid adfree app.

Thanks for reassurance.

How and what ad formats you will show on these wallpapers? because push and icons are gone now!

Appwall ads on applaunch with banners, where people will press a set lwp button to take you to list of live wallpapers, and also appwall ad on settings screen with banners as well. plus the new bundled airpush sdk pays up to 4 cents for each new install in usa.

I make a living off just live wallpapers. I had a lwp 2 months ago that was making $150 a day on airpush with appwalls and banners only because it was getting 25,000 downloads a day.

In time we plan on adding other types of apps as well, but it all depends on the success of this launch. We have a few thousand invested into this already.

What other ad networks would you guys like to see?

Hey guy! A month ago there was a similar thread, where you offered to sell a similar service. Now I see that you have it really is. How much do you want for it?