AndroidIncome - spam-less forum to talk about Android app development

I created a simple and minimalistic forum to talk about income, marketing, ASO, monetization and the stuff related to app development. If you’re tired of “Sell _CVV”, “Buy a flat in Vietnam”, “Get promo code for GoDaddy” etc, check out my forum. I will update it and share my knowledge (and income reports) as I get the experience.

  • No spam
  • Highly moderated, with topics in relevant subforums

It does not have too much content right now, but it will get better. It will be faster if YOU join the forum and start sharing your knowledge :slight_smile: There are some valuable hints already. Check out

So you started your own “spamless” forum by spamming others?

From all the people on this forum, you are the last person I would suspect to say this. I created a topic in “Advertising networks”, although it was not a good place for it. Too much spam there, and my thread fits here better, so I decided to create new thread. And you? Since you joined MMWA, you created 8 topics. And 7 of them just promote you and your game. 3 of them even have almost identical topic.

  1. 1 million downloads,1st app,within 8 momths.0$ spent on ads.
  2. 1 million downloads,1st app,within 8 momths.0$ spent on ads.[Links Updated]
  3. Got 1 million downloads on my first app,0$ on advertising
  4. Reaching one million for my app soon ! Launched 7 months ago.
  5. Rank #1 for any keyword. Selling my secrets.
  6. Where Can I find high paying ASO jobs online? - dont get fooled by topic name, this topics sole purpose is selling your ASO tips, like in #5

Oh, wait. You created more topics as rixxx22. In mid december 2014 you stated that you forgot the password and thats why you created more topics on this account, but you actually do remember it don’t you? For example, you logged in less than a month ago on that account. So:

  1. My first app, 100,000 downloads within first 3 month.No money spent on advertising.

Well, don’t get me wrong. I like your tips, they are useful and you are quite successful with your music player. But seriously, YOU point it out that I created second topic, in more related subforum than the previous one? Yeah, I was sure someone will mention it, but… seriously, you? Please, do not spam my topic if you don’t have anything to say about the forum I created. If you want to comment the design, the performance or the content of AndroidIncome, go ahead and do so, even negative feedback is appreciated. If you don’t want to discuss about AndroidIncome, please don’t post. I can’t remove the spam here, but I will do it on my forum

Lol thanks for stalking me,and I never claim that I dont spam :smiley:

problem is that your forum is dead :wink: I tried make forum too but waste of time :wink: people don’t want new forum

@ramzixp, actually, I think it was a big mistake that you took down your forum. I liked it and was ready to move there - or at least be active on both forums. On your forum I felt its really about learning and teaching how to make profitable apps and how to survive on Google Play. And you actually had some active users there. I would not create my forum if yours was still online. There are few more forums, but I don’t think these forums want to focus on what matters the most to me, and they will not be as organized as my forum could be.

Yes, my forum is dead, at the moment I’m the only active user there :slight_smile: But I’ll keep it online and I’ll keep sharing my experience. I need a VPS anyway.

In the next few days (maybe even tommorow) I will release open beta of my text based mmorpg. When I release its final version, I’ll have some more experience to share with others.

Worst case scenario it will be my private repository of useful links and my thoughts. Thanks for checking out the thread :slight_smile:

I won’t spam my own topic so I’ll answer here: thanks, but I need to do some stuff different than hosting forums including running some CRONs and self-written java services.

I have VPS, can share you good hosting account as reseller:
-not limited transfer
-not limited sql databases

for 30 pln each month :wink: I am paying 160 pln/month :wink: