Android Yard - New Android Forum with no SPAM!

Hello Everybody.

I have been a user of this forum since a long time and recently I was disturbed by all the negativity and specially the SPAM created here.
Therefor I created a new forum for us.

Mainly for us.
There will be no ads as I managed to get everything running from my own pocket for at least a year and we will see how things go from there.

Any help is appreciated.
Moderation, Suggestions.

We certainly need members.

Please feel free to join the forum and discuss your topics there.

I present you the Android Yard.
Please be kind as the forum is new and kinda empty.

The Android Yard Forum


Just two users joined from the forum!
I hope more will join soon.


If you build it, they will come…(I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere else)

There are a few attempts made before you, all failed.

More will join if you made this to an native Android app so we can check every time…no one using web most of the time anymore

More will join if you…made this close for readers and reading demands registration.
I think that previous forums had no success because users really like this spam and piracy in buy/sell section. You can always buy some blackhat solution. BTW. mmwa is non active like in the past. People understood that sharing everything is suicide? hmmm