Android Review Network - Best way to get Reviews!

Hi guys, I want to present you new (and probably the best) way to get reviews. It’s called Android Review Network! This is a place where you exchange reviews with other developers! It’s really simple, review application and then your app will be reviewed. What is important? It’s totally free!

Visit: Sign up and be up to date!

Nice! I will try it

When will it official launch?

We are not 100% sure yet. We hope to be ready in a week or two.
Sign up for launch notification on our site or visit site regular to be up 2 date

Great, thanks! The more developers join community the better results!

I am not sure who thought this would be a great idea. Best reviews come from users of the app, soliciting for a reviews is pretty easy as well. I dont know why I would use such service…

Is it ok with Google Play policy?

Yes it’s compliant with google play policy.

I will try, great idea

What do you think about it? Maybe you want to see something particular in Android Review Network? You have to say it know because ARN is almost finished and we will release it in next few days!

OK, maybe not few days, but we should be ready in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Really? a service that create artificial ratings and reviews written by people who don’t give their honest opinion but an automatic 5 stars rating just to get one in return, you think Google likes that? You think users like to base their judgement to download an app on fake reviews?
Sorry dude but if you want to take the risk to have legal problems with Google with your service, that’s your life. Don’t pull other developers into it.

By the way, I don’t know what you guys think about all the threads on this forum about exchanging ratings but I think it is dangerous. I love this forum and the discussions with developers and as a developer myself I’ve learn some great things. With the threads about rating exchange + those about account selling, I wouldn’t want to see it having legal issues as encouraging or allowing this kind of practice. Just my 2 cents.

I am offering a paid service, all review comments and ratings are from US,NZ,Canada, Europe and Australia.

@jaymoney please do not spam because AndroidReviewNetwork is not a website like yours!
@Mac Why do you say they won’t give an honest opinion! It’s not true! They are not forced to give fake reviews! Other people won’t know if you are developer and they won’t give your 1 star in revenge. We don’t wan’t create community with fake reviews! Android Review Network will help your application to be more visible for other people! Better way to think about this community is like this: Someone will review my app and maybe he will like it so he will tell about it for his friends and it will go viral! So it is not againts google play policy!

Leviteo, what is the status of the site, and when can we expect launch?

Site looks nice.


@mhartw There are things that are beyond our control and it will be launched in near future! Make sure you are registered on our site so we will notify you about release date!