Android Push notifications without GCM(Google Cloud Messaging)

I want to implement Push notifications in my android apps without using GCM(Google Cloud Messaging) is it any alternatives to implement this.

If I were you I used GCM or a paid sdk.

But to do it use your own server with a SOAP communication or HTTP request. But you need to implement all servers and client side.


You can use this: AWS | Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS) - Push Messaging
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Well, there are just a number of other options ! you can use

  1. RabbitMQ.
  2. Tokudu notification.
  3. Parse library.
  4. Userban airship.

Can also check “The Deacon Project” It aims to produce an open-source push notifications library used by Android developers to receive Push notifications from a Meteor comet web server. It is an Android app that is used for testing and demonstration of Deacon, and is also developed by members of the Deacon project.