android project idea

I just sign up for android develop and i was thinking of make a android app that block unknown caller and trace the caller where there call from?But i not sure if android game programming was good on google play.This my first time on this forum:)

hope someone can help.

Come on someone got to know.

how can we help ?

i want to know if be good to start with android gaming or make a caller blocker that look up the real call id and track it where there calling from.I want to know what app would be good start point.:slight_smile:

It depends on you how good you are in programming.
Apps are easy to start with first.
Later may be games.

Noone will give you idea about which App you should go for. Idea is basic backbone of the App. you need find out by yourself. Do some research by yourself.

Make an app that you are pretty sure you can finish.

This will ensure that it gets done in a finite amount of time. Part of the thing required for publishing is knowing the other issues of marketing and technical issues with publishing on Google Play. A simple app will allow you to quickly get through the full gamut of issues.

Compare that to starting a game while not having understood the other stuff - since game may take months etc. - or you may get bogged down. Also with games is the issue of “playability” i.e. not just “how easy is it for me to program that game” but how usable/likeable that game will be by users - so there is a lot more involved there - i.e. tuning gameplay or rethinking gameplay etc.

Starting with something small - even if it is not a blockbuster will rapidly allow you to get through the app development “cycle”. And you may then feel more comfortable about what to make next.

Also one of the big things about app or game making is thinking what people will like - instead of what you will like (if you want the game/app to be commercially reasonably successful). Often-times the gut feeling of a programmer may not be how the public thinks. Although if you are an experienced game player, you may have some ideas of how a good game should be etc. - but there are plenty of other places where a well-meaning programmer can get tripped up by what they thought users “would expect” - when in fact users may behave differently (compared to an average programmer’s way of thinking).

Starting small also ensures you not get sidelined - or delayed too long in one aspect - and avoid the risk of leaving the project half-completed.

Well that help me out

Is android in IT area?i was thinking make some thing for IT area with android.I don’t have to worry about how much time i have because i retired.Thanks for the idea adforandroidapp:)