Android game devolpment beginner, where to start?


I play a lot of android games and it got my interest. So i tought why i don’t make a game myself! But after a bit of research i didn’t find something that i understand.

What i wan’t to do is make a simpel game where you have to jump over obstacles and holes. So if you jump on to a obstacle you lose and have to trie again also when you jump into a hole. Not anything imposible right?

I have already installed Eclipse with a LibGDX project, can anyone help me further?:wink:


Maybe this could be helpful for you to understand some concepts: Zombie Bird Tutorial (Flappy Bird Remake) - Kilobolt

LibGDX is a great framework. If you are familiar with Java, you will not have much trouble getting started with it. If you have previous gamedev experience then even better (but not a requirement). Anyway, go through the Libgdx documentation first, try to understand the basic concepts before you start coding your game. Then start with a basic game tutorial and then move on to other concepts like box2d etc. Follow and complete any good libgdx tutorial and you will have a very good grasp on libgdx concepts.

LibGDX is a little complicated since they have no clear documentation anywhere, I have been struggling with it for some time.

There are many tutorials but there is really no documentation.

If you want you can try unity, it is a little more complex but it has a clear documentation.

Besides all the great video tutorials, the libgdx site has a wiki that will help get you started with the basic concepts: Also java docs and written tutorials.