Android console not updated today

The console hasn’t updated for me today. And as my luck would have it, I just put out a big update and kinda really want to know what my numbers were yesterday. Is anyone else seeing this?

Mine usually updates in about 2 hours, 3am EST.

Still not updated… Been 2 days now. Anyone else seeing this?

I dont think mine has updsted for 2 days now either.

The same here, a game update and a console delay. Lucky Luck :slight_smile:

How frequently does the console usually update? I’m new to Google Play and haven’t seen the stats refresh.

It use to be once a day, sometime between 0600 and 1500 UTC, but mine haven’t been updated for two days. For the last month or so the updates were getting later and later in the day for me.

Yup, same here. It used to update before I left for work. Then not until I got my coffee at work… Then sometime around lunch. And now I haven’t had an update since Thursday. This is google’s worst attribute right here. Zero customer support. I can’t even find where to complain. I did find a link to a google android forum where someone else had this issue. And another person posted they had to too. I tried to do the same but apparently the thread is locked down. I just got a message that once my reply is approved it will appear. That was 10 hours ago…

UPDATE: Okay, stupid me, I DID find out where to complain. And I did. I’ll let you know if they respond.
It just updated for me

same here. i can’t believe this console is a Google work because it has lots of issues. in my console the latest results are 2 days delayed. i.e today is 29 th and it shows up to 27th. this is really bad because i can’t get notified if something goes wrong with my apps and i can’t publish quick fixes because when i see the download drop, 2 days gone. generally i use my leadbolt report to get idea about my downloads because it’s real time :slight_smile:

I’ve given up even trying to predict when the console will update. I basically work under the assumption that for any given moment, my stats will be inaccurate or nonexistent for the prior 48 hours.

It’s pretty frustrating though - given the speed of Google’s search results, you’d think they could improve the dev console updates just a bit!

I don’t see any technical reason why that information can’t be live. It’s not really all that complex what’s going on there. And ya, like asanka said, I use leadbolt and tapfortap to determine how well I’m doing at any given time b/c they do report live information. But for some things, like when I added that interstitial ad, it wasn’t until 2 days later I realized it was having quite the negative effect on my active users. If they could provide us better data, and we could see how quickly users are uninstalling our apps, after we make a change like that, we could rectify the problem before we lose too many of them.

They’ve update it today. Let’s hope the next console/system version which has been introduced recently will not have those latency problems…

Don’t think so … that’s a “young” cloud, many servers and they just cannot sync them all the time. Sooner or later they (hopefully) get some of their analytics mechanics … analytics is nearly realtime and so is adsense

Their is now a notice on the console saying there is an issue with it and it is currently being looked at.

i got no message (and do not see any more lag than usual) - so maybe thats a local problem, where your servers are disconnected from the others… ? That happens very often in this year on different systems of google

Yes there is a proper message now. Btw it’s not happening for the first time, maybe they are preparing some major changes? I would like to take a glimpse on their new console. Still waiting…

I also have a message in the console that for some users the console is not updating properly.

Same here (Austria)! Until the 25th there was a daily update. Then I changed prices in some countries to see the effect of it. I also wanted to know the numbers but had to wait until Saturday (28th)! So I spent my time cursing Google in the meanwhile… :slight_smile:

It still has some delay now. It used to update around 6PM CET and today it updated… well, now, that is almost at midnight. The problem is, if Google updates are late, the AppAnnie reports are even later. And those offer still a bit more details. The one thing that always seems to be on time, however, is the Google Merchants Checkout.

Happening for me again now.
Last updated Aug 6…
Have yours updated?

yes for me too (in statistics)… but to be honest… that’s completely normal in the statistics it was always that late… that value is not true for comments by the way (they are nearly realtime)