Android based Orderman clone

I am in Austria on Ski vacation right now, and almost every Restaurant in the Ski Resort is using a solution from a company called orderman. It is basicly a proprietary device where waiters can place orders and the order is submited to the kitchen or the bar.
I talked to a few of the locals and I found out, a simple orderman device starts at 1k Euro.
I am sure, this can be done cheaper using android devices and perhaps a raspberry server.
Of course we are not talking about a simple “put your app in Google Play” project. I would suspect, this would require a lot of in the field work.
So here I am, I am looking for some people interested in cloning orderman. You should be based in southern Germany, Austria or Switzerland. I need especialy people with some Restaurant background, prefered well networked in this domain.
Let me know if you are up for this…