Android app implementation charges?

I have been asked to develop a android app which pulls/pushs info from database and show in the app.

Database is already designed and functional. I just need to use the API.

How much i should charge for it?
I feel like its 25-30 days work for me. i can work 5-6 hour on it.

Please do share how much i should charge for it?

I am getting many offers to make apps these days. Should i stick to my own app development or consider this outside work as well.
Please share your experience.


In my freelancing days I was always calculating the price this way:

  • calculate how many days it takes, be generous, add a few days if you are not sure, never underestimate,
  • multiply that by at least 1.5 (I used a higher number if it was a boring or difficult project)
  • take monthly salary of a programmer at your level in your country, divide it by 20 (there are usually about 20 work days in a month) - you get a typical salary per day that way
  • multiply number of days by the typical salary per day

Of course add all taxes to the price you get.

Unless you are desperate it’s better to earn nothing and have the free time to work on your projects than to work all day and night for something that isn’t worth it.

Yep, basically as Magnesus said. I’d estimate the effort in MD (8-hours day of work). If it is something new to you, multiply that x2. If you already did a similar project, then just add ~20%. Now, I think you can easily say that solid developer should get no less than $15 / hour working as a freelancer. Obviously it might vary. If you’re in California, you probably won’t work for 15$/h. If you live in, lets say, the Philippines, you could be happy even with $5 / hour, but I think even if you’re from tier 3 country, you should not charge less than $10 / hour.

So, lets say I think I am a decent developer with some experience, and I think the project will take 25 MD, and I did something very similar already. 251,2 = 30MD - after the 20% margin.
30 days * 8 hours * $15 = $3600
If I did not do anything like that before, but I think it should take me like 25 MD to do that. I don’t want to find out that its harder than I thought so I take much bigger safety margin: 25
2 = 50MD.
50 * 8 * 15 = $6000.

Since I live in EU, I’d need to pay VAT and the taxes, and it would be quite close to my regular job salary in a big IT company, where I have no pressure on anything, I would not take this job for $15 gross. I’d be happy with $20 / h, therefore I’d ask for $4800 or $8000 respectively (including VAT). A developer from a rich country in EU most likely wouldn’t take it even if he was unemployed. Java Developer salary in Germany or UK is ~$25 / hour or more (employment), and for a mid-to-short-term contract its like $35+.

By the way, my company charges the other companies $150 per hour of my work. Although the work estimations are quite strict, I rarely meet them (but its common in my company, its just how it works) so I’d say they get like $100 per hour of my work.