Android App Development Company

One of my friend is starting a Bar and he is looking for a top-notch android app development company from where he can get his app designed and developed. His specification include ordering, referring, payment and other kind of stuff in that app. Please refer some or pitch me if you are an android developer.

Hello James

I recommend,SwithSoft Technologies,a leading mobile app development company. I have had experience of working with them for an app development for a project called “JHTT (JOHN HOPKIN’S UNIVERSITY TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER”)mobile app. They have an excellent team of mobile app developers,UI/UX experts, and the maintain delivery times.For more information on this app,Please find the JHTT android mobile app download link on Google Play store

Asking for a good app development company. But why you have hyperlinked an app development company in your question? Is there any reason behind that?

I would like to convey you that, becoz, it is the company that i want to suggest.

Hey Samuel, I know what you did. I have raised the question for jamesbradly.

There are so many companies out there but it’s hard to tell which one is good.

Would this app need a Jump or Fire button?

I needed to get something for my friend . I guess I found it!

Yes its very difficult to tell which company is best because there many android apps development company…:frowning:

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