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Android App back-end database in the cloud

I am trying to develop and Android app that has a back-end database in the cloud which can store MySQL data and media data (e.g. photos, videos, audio).

Eventually, I want a web-app and an iPhone app to be able to access this same data in a similar fashion.

What is the best way to do this currently? i.e. How do you do this and what do you use (google app engine, Amazon web services, godaddy(or other) web hosting)?

I recommend DigitalOcean- $5/month SSD VPS

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The back-end database you going for relational ? Nowadays there is a trend to have database that is NOT relational. Look at google app engine low level DataStore API.
It is harder to do reports out of those non-relational database I would admit. Some providers actually charge you for the number of relational tables and data you use on their server! Not sure if they use MySQL it also cost monies on their end to maintain ?

whats wrong with relational database to start with? it is cheaper and works very well!

a lot of people overthink their project scope and start getting into nonsense, don’t waste time and build for right now, not for “when I have a million users”.

also, cloud costs more. i just switched back from cloud to dedicated.

Well I want a relational database b/c I will also have a web-app. Plus I like relational… It is what I know.