An Incredible Elegant Screen Locker

Hi everyone,

This is ZUI Team.

Let me introduce ZUI Locker for you!

It’s an elegant screen lock and offer lots of convenient user experience. Here are some screenshot of ZUI Locker.

Screenshot_2015-01-13-16-01-41-904.jpg Screenshot_2014-11-19-17-37-05-761.jpg Screenshot_2014-11-19-17-36-32-487 - ??.jpg Screenshot_2014-11-19-17-37-22-351 - ??.jpg

☆ Excellent UI: One impressive wallpaper every day. All the wallpapers are carefully picked up by designers. Turn on the gravity sensor function and incline your phone, the wallpaper will move slowly from side to side. Expect a pleasant experience every time you open your screen. And the setting page is Material Design
☆Efficient: Launch frequently-used apps on the lock screen. Handle your messages all by gestures.
☆ Considerate:Distance sensor function will prevent the phone from being accidentally turning on, which can avoid misfunction and power consumption.ZUI Locker provide two security choice: your phone will be fully protected by code and gesture-based unlocking.

If you have any suggestion and feedback,please let me know.We are looking foraward to it!:smiley:

Just tell me what do you think of ZUI Locker. I will reply you here.

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