An Incredible Elegant Screen Locker

This is ZUI Team.

Let me introduce ZUI Locker for you!

It’s an elegant screen lock and offer lots of convenient user experience

Here are its some feature functions:
1 .ZUI Locker has a huge photo library. Those excellent photos are seclected by professional designers and cover a variety of visual styles.
2. Since pictures can be automatically changed, you can expect something new every time you unlock your phone.
3. User can launch application of mobile directly in screen lock interface.
4. We also designed the gravity sensor function. When you incline your phone, the lock screen will move slowly from side to side. Say goodbye to a fixed lock screen!
5. ZUI Locker enables you to handle your messages much more conveniently. Swipe left to close and swipe right to open. Distance sensor will smooth the whole process.

Here are some screenshots of ZUI Locker
Screenshot_2014-11-19-17-35-30-863.jpgScreenshot_2014-11-19-17-36-32-487 - ??.jpg
Screenshot_2014-11-19-17-37-05-761.jpgScreenshot_2014-11-19-17-37-22-351 - ??.jpg

Download it on GooglePlay

If you have any suggestion and feedback,please let me know.We are looking foraward to it!