An easy, free way to gain your app's user and retention rates by at least 10%

Do you need to get more users for your app? What about revenue? Why not start with something a little more basic, first?

Transparency goes a long way in increasing user acquisition and retention rates, not to mention conversion rate from free to paying users. With the Trust Certification Program, MyPermissions offers application and Website owners, a simple, free and powerful way to build trust and transparency, helping to drive conversions and retention.

In fact, MyPermissions’ certification customers see conversion rates of a minimum average of 10% growth in user base!

As a bonus, potential users automatically get the chance to see that you’re going to be a trustworthy app with a clickable badge and a personalized app profile. It’s basically like you get automatically put into a “good apps” user directory!

To read more about the Trust Certification Program, or to get certified, visit