Amazon payments

Hi, i’m from italy, do anyone know what is the amazon “check” payment? Do they send the check to my address? And how can i use it?

Amazon FAQ:

Q: I am an international developer. How do I get paid for my Amazon sales?

Developers in supported countries can receive electronic payments from Amazon. Depending on your bank’s location, you may be eligible for either direct deposit or wire payments. If your bank’s location is not eligible for electronic payments or if you do not opt to be paid by electronic payments, your payment will be made by check. You will receive one check per marketplace, issued in the currency of sale. Checks for sales in Japan and Brazil will be issued in U.S. dollars.

To determine if you are eligible for electronic payments, sign in to your account on the Amazon Apps & Games Developer Portal and select your bank’s location from the Where is your bank/financial institution? drop-down menu. Based on this selection, if electronic payment is available, you will be prompted to choose between electronic payment or check. You will receive a separate payment for each marketplace in which your apps are sold. For electronic payments, the currency of your payment is determined by your bank’s location. Please consult your financial institution to determine if there are any fees associated with receiving electronic payments.

I submitted the payment informations for EFT in the payment information form successfully but my bank doesn’t accept EFT from US banks (i noticed this problem with airpush, in fact the payment has returned to them), so, do amazon pay from a local bank or from a US bank?

Hi I am from India,
and I get physical cheques from them to my address every month.
I deposit that cheque into my local bank and they get it cleared for me

so it’s like 20 days of time to get cheque + 25 days of time to get foreign cheque cleared (here) ,
But Amazon does not support any wire transfer of EFT to India.

Do you mean, for earning in June, you get notified able to get the payment on end of July, and you get the cheque on 20 August, lastly get the cheque cleared on 15 September? That’s long time of processing?!

Here is the scenario
For Payment of April ,
(Delay 20-25 days) Amazon prepare cheque by end of May (around 23-26)
(Delay 15-25 days) I receive physical cheuqe in around 15-25 days to my home
(Delay 2-5 days) I finish formality and submit cheque to my local bank
(Delay 20-25 days) being a foreign cheque , it takes around 14-20 working days to get cheque credit to my account.

I hope my explanation helps.

PS: I am seeing around 60% drop in ecpm on amazon since last two day, and if it’s continue , porting on amazon is not worth

I see the same drop. Maybe some promotion ended. Might not be worth it to use it if it stays that way or drops even lower.

I was just waiting my first payment, wonder when the cheque will arrived. Also, porting to Amazon in August/September might be worth, as it is having $6 ecpm fire phone campaign right now. Am I right?

Is the currency in $ or inr ? admob check is in inr.

I do not use Interstitials much, so I request other experts to comment on this.
But I believe admob also gives $6 ecpm for US request, (I welcome other views)

It’s in USD ($)

This is really depends on your app. I am only getting not more than $2 ecpm for US request.

what about withhhold? They’ve sent me check with a 30% fee, while my response to IRS declaration was a. Outside the U.S. X

Get yourself an EIN number (you need to make a phone call - there are descriptions on the net how to do it) and use it in the IRS declaration. The withhold will be lower then (depends on your country). Although it might take 60 days for it to be acknowledged by Amazon.

It has not happened with me , so I suggest you to go with someone how knows it. may be you can go with advice of Magnesus