Amazon App Store Question

If you want to put your app on sale and change the price on amazon, does it take effect immediately or does it have to go through the approval process?


Needs approval - because it is a modification which needs to be approved by them (I recently raised the price of one of my apps, so I tried it :slight_smile: )

thank you.

It seems to take five days for updates right? I’m trying to time a sale on both nook and amazon (and google play but that one is easy). On nook they update once a week on wednesday.

As far as I know you can setup a release date on amazon - but have not tried that before.

normal roundtrip times for approving are around 5 days - excluding weekend :slight_smile: To be honest, I stopped counting days, because for me it is less important that every release is timed.

yeah i have noticed there is some date configuration, but it doesn’t really make sense and the help is not helpful. why doesn’t amazon have a developer forum?

You can set the date, but the review process will take the same amount of time - and the app won’t be released before the review no mather what date you state.

lastely they rejected one of my games because the uploaded icon was not the same like the icon of the apk … thus I can understand the reason for that, I wonder why they allowed it half a year … :slight_smile:

The best way in such situation is… resubmit without changing anything. There is a good chance they will accept it. :slight_smile: It probably depends on the individual reviewer.

Well shoot. I changed the price yesterday. No apk change, just a price change. I set the availability dates for next Wednesday. Today it showed up on Amazon with the discounted price and did not include the description change about it being a sale price. Grrr. So it took just one day and they ignored the availability date.

Also it doesn’t show up in the deal section. I wonder how you get put in there? Only amazon initiated sales?

Should I change it back and then change it again next week. Or just let it hang out at the discounted price for two weeks instead of one?
and I sent an email earlier in the week asking about how to go about this, and how the availability dates work and got no response

I had a similar issue with Amazon… When I uploaded a new version I also changed the main icon, description, added a video, etc. The new icon and pictures showed up a day later but it took nearly a full week for them to approve the new APK so for that time users who downloaded the game noticed that it did not match the artwork and the icon was completely different. The video still has not been added.

I picture several departments that are responsible for each section… The arts department approved a section and it went live without realizing the dependencies on other changes waiting for approval… who knows.

I got rejected because of the wrong icon recently … so, somehow they do talk with each other :wink:

Now I changed the price back and its been a week and it is approved but still not live. So now the price has been lowered for three weeks instead of one. Maybe they have a certain day they update? Nook updates every wednesday. Otherwise I have no idea.

I also found out that my email wasn’t getting forwarded correctly so I missed their reply to me. The dates on the form are only for new releases. And they have a form to fill out when you are putting something on sale so it will show up on their discount list. So I missed out on that. :@ Live and learn I guess.

When our first PC game started to be sold on Amazon back in 2007, it took ages to have screenshots or the description changed. You always felt like: They might change it next month or next year (now looking at the product page again I wonder if they have changed it at all :smiley: ).

So reading all this sounds very ‘Amazonesque’ (unfortunately). Thank you for sharing your experiences.