Amazon Ads

Has anyone tried it (Amazon Ad Network)? Any good CPM?

I will try it this weekend.

(Can some moderator please move this thread to “advertising-networks”? I posted here by mistake)

recommended for US traffic only

Cool, good to know, my game is 80% US :slight_smile:

Besides, they’re giving a free kindle fire HD to whoever uses their ad, so I’m all in (in fact I didnt read the terms very well, but it seems to be “real”).

I briefly tried it in one of my smaller apps (200 unique users daily). Most of the users is EU and East Asia. The fill rate was horrible, around 10%. Looks like they don’t have ads for non-US users.

yes, only US dot

OK, here are my results:

I have Amazon Ads enabled for US only, and am getting around 17% fill rate (even inside US!!). So you definitely need a fallback ad provider if you wanna try. 13,500 requests and 2,300 impressions.

I’m getting around 0.80 CPM on a 320 x 50 banner. Pretty high CPM.

I will post a couple more time on the next days with updated fill rate and CPM.

0.80 sound nice. :slight_smile: Was it hard to implement? What mediation are you using?

It was not trivial.

Their SDK is still a bit buggy, I ran into some problems which made me think twice to deploy to thousands of people (and have it misbehave on different devices).

There is no mediation. It is possible to use AdMob Mediator but its still not easy, so I will wait until there is a better integration support and docs. So I did it by hand: request new ads every 60s, hide if theres no ad (and show AdMob), etc.

Updated data: 19.6% fill rate at 0.87 CPM.

Without mediation 19% fill rate at 0.87eCPM gives you 0.16 eCPM. Quite low. Not worth it then, not even for the Kindle Fire HD. :slight_smile:

I think It’s not so hard to implement into mopub mediation. I successfully managed to implement. I mean I’ve seen ads. But I haven’t tried it in real. Maybe in the next some days…

No - I do the mediation myself, as I wrote on the previous post (when Amazon ad fails I load an AdMob), so I am having a 100% fill rate. I was talking about Amazon itself not having a mediation platform, or being easily plugged into existing mediation platforms.

It’s possible to use AdMob mediation, also, but I will wait a couple of weeks before diving into those waters.

Updated info:

  • 21% fill rate
  • 0.77 CPM

Are you refreshing amazon ads somehow? They don’t seem to have autorefresh feature…
PS. Never mind. I’ve added manual refresh every 60 seconds.

Yep, that’s how I did also. Manual refresh every 60s.

Btw, the POS Amazon SDK leaks, by holding onto the Activity Context.

This is how to clean it up. Please note that it seems to run an Executor service or something to clean up, so it can take a while.


private AdLayout amazonAd;
public void onDestroy() {
  if (amazonAd != null) {
    try {
    } catch (Exception e) {
  amazonAd = null;

good catch

How do you see the fill rate and eCPM ? All I see is a total earned, but zero details…

While logged in: Reporting - Mobile Ads Performance

It gives all the details there.

Updated info:
Fill Rate: 20.8%
0.93 CPM

Yesterday I’ve seen a relevant improvement, lets see if the trend follows.

Fill Rate: 27%
0.98 RPM

Remember: this is for small banner ads! 320 x 50

Is anyone else using other sizes of Amazon ads? Can you share the fill rate and RPM?