Am I doing it right?

Hi, I’m about to publish my first game app.

I want rewarded video ads and banner ads in my app.

I realized ad mediation will increase fill rates and revenue.

I did a little research among ad mediation networks and so far I have come to the conclusion that Appodealare the best solution for me as they offer the ad formats I need, and they don’t charge anything for mediation (they just take a commission from the Appodeal ads that are displayed, just like all networks do)

I just want to ask people more experienced than me, if this is the right path, or am I missing something?

Also I was thinking of installing admob banners, but admob is one of the mediated networks on heyzap, so I don’t see why I should install one more sdk. Do you agree with this logic?

Yes, you are on the right track.

seems like a solid plan, mediation is always better

always use mediation. I think appodeal is a good choice although I haven’t tested it, has a solid presence here with full support.